Sabtu, 23 Oktober 2010

Account Freezer (Successor to Facebook Account Freezer)

This is going to be the updating version of my Account Freezer.

none (Initial Release)

Let’s you freeze Facebook, Windows Live, and YouTubeaccounts. Coming soon are MySpace and AIM too, the code is there it’s just that the page loading is funky.

How it Works:
Many sites have a feature that after xx amount of invalid logins (usually around 20-25, but this program does 30 just for good measure), the account is either disabled for an allotted amount of time (an hour or so, depending on the site), or the account is disabled until reset through the user’s email. This program basically spams the login with the username you enter, and the password „1234567890″, until the account is disabled.

Select a website from the drop down list (right now there is only Facebook, Windows Live, and YouTube), enter the email/username of the victim, then hit Freeze. You’ll hear a bunch of clicking, which is the web control submitting the login form. The ‘Let me watch’ check mark expands the program to let you see it in action.
Note: It uses an internet explorer web control

click the image for zoom

download link:
Code:’s Account Freezer V1.0.rar.html

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